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5 Church Street, Bellingen NSW Australia.

We are open for breakfast, lunch & dinner 8am - 8pm, 7 Days | For bookings please phone 6655 0155

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    Our Story

    The philosophy @ No.5 is simple – an open space where people from all walks of life can come together to share an experience – to enjoy being nourished – to leave feeling inspired.

    Everything that we do is directed toward communicating ideas about how we can create a more sustainable, open minded, ethical and responsible community.

    Our food is a vehicle to express how we feel – wholesome & artistic, colourful & creative – simple flavours with attention to the details.

    We use the best local, organic & bio-dynamic produce available & design our menu based upon the abundance of the season – the way it should be!!

    By supporting local growers we are not only promoting growth of the local economy, we are reducing transportation costs & unnecessary use of non-renewable energy, not to mention providing healthy & affordable food for our community – whilst tantalising your taste buds too!!

    Our goal is not only to support local, ecologically balanced farming practices, but to actively venture towards establishing a holistic model for a fully sustainable small business operation that supports all those involved – our guests, our suppliers, our workers & ultimately ourselves!

    Live music, movie nights, social events & community gatherings – there’s always something going on down @ No.5!

    We welcome you to come down & enjoy the space, we look forward to serving you soon!

  1. Live@No.5

    Beneath the mountains by the sea, the magical Bellinger valley rolls just off the beaten track between Sydney & Brisbane, approximately 4hrs north of Newcastle and 3hrs south of Byron making it the perfect stop off for artists travelling along the old east coast tour trail.

    No.5 has established a strong reputation for hosting intimate live performances, with the likes of Mama Kin, Joe Robinson, Jack Carty, Jordie Lane, Deborah Connway, Perch Creek Family Jug band, The Mid North & Katie Noonan all playing memorable sell out shows.

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      Thursday 30th April

      black bird hum

      A blend of roots, reggae and folk, wound together with captivating hooks, solid grooves and striking harmonies.

      Sydney artists black bird hum announced themselves to the world with their debut album “In Time” – a record that swings from gentle, thoughtful folk ballads to the type of big‐band reggae that throws everything at you from horns to percussion to tripped‐out synths and delay‐drenched keys.

      The album was one of the last to be mixed in Sydney’s famous BJB Studio’s in Surry Hills and was co‐produced by singer Jon Panic and ARIA award‐ winning producer Tim Whitten (Powderfinger, The Panics, Augie March).

      The band have since shared the stage with the likes of Six60, King Tide, The Strides, Bobby Alu, Georgia Fair, Tin Sparrow and The Salvagers; exciting fans from Sydney to Byron Bay and back. Combined with a run of festival performances that includes back‐to‐back Peats Ridge Festivals, their reputation for an impressive live show is quickly building.

      Following 2012 shortlisting as finalists for the MusicOz Awards (blues & roots and acoustic singer/songwriter) 2013 and 2014 saw the band up and down the east coast of Australia and nabbing a gong at the Australian Independent Music Video Awards (Innovation).

      All the while the band have been writing away at their new album in the back of the van and are planning the first release from the album in the Australian winter 2015.


      Tix $10


      Friday 1st May


      Famous for bringing Assyrian culture out of the museum and onto the dance floor, Azadoota will bring their lively extravaganza of contemporary Assyrian dance-rock worldbeat to 5 CHURCH STREET on Friday May 1, for the launch of their new single “Lishana”.

      Iraqi-born songwriter Robin Zirwanda sings in his native Assyrian Neo-Aramaic language, once the common tongue of the civilised world but now considered to be in danger of extinction. To the mysterious sound of this ancient language he adds the familiarity of pop-rock and the spicy heat of Latin rhythms. It’s a dance concoction deliberately pitched at mainstream audiences, which has made Azadoota one of Australia’s most popular world music acts.

      The threat to the continuity of his language inspired Robin to write Azadoota’s latest single “Lishana” (which is the Assyrian word for Language). The song celebrates the fact that “Jesus spoke my language”, and calls on the youth to keep the language alive.

      Wearing costumes derived from Ancient Assyrian fashion, Azadoota presents a colourful show of catchy originals, spanning genres just as their heritage spans continents and their members span generations. Join them for a huge night of celebration and they’ll show you how to party like it’s the 9th century BC.

      “If one were to pick a single act that sums up the WOMAD spirit, it would probably be the Australian-Iraqi party band Azadoota.” – The Guardian.

      Tix – $15

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      Saturday 2nd May

      Elana Stone

      Elana’s genre shape-shifting has led to collaborations with the likes of Passenger, Washington, Donny Benet, Urthboy, Hermitude, Tripod, Josh Pyke and Ngaiire among many others. Her unique and enchanting live performances have served to make her one of Australia’s most sought after vocalists. Since her previous band ‘The Rescue Ships’ parted ways Elana has spent the better part of the last two years touring with her four-part lady folk band ‘All Our Exes Live in Texas’ to sell out crowds around Australia while continuing to write and perform as a solo artist.

      ‘Stomping electro-pop, dappled with vocal longing and classic rock melodrama’. Brag magazine

      ‘Dear god, her voice is downright incredible. Every song she performed drew pin-drop silence during and wild applause after.’ Time Out Sydney

      ‘One of the best singing voices in the country’ The Age

      2015 sees Elana Stone release the first half of ‘Kintsugi’ – her third studio album.

      ‘Kintsugi’ – a Japanese word meaning ‘golden joinery’ – is the art of fixing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. As a philosophy it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise. In other words, it glorifies the cracks.



      Tix $20



    • the-flumes-DUO-rondo-lo

      Friday 8th May

      The Flumes

      Electric Harp pouring out psychedelic melodies over stylin rhythms laced with soulful vocals. The Flumes conjure up a lushly funky, dark and sparkling, intoxicating brew.

      Harper Kayt Wallace immerses herself in 36 strings of Electric Harp, artfully bending the organic tones of this ancient instrument with wah and delay stylings as her smoky vocals sweep from whispers to roars. Combined with the tasty grooves of Bass player Stephan Beattie; the Flumes kick out a luscious live sound and awaken



      TIX – $10

    • both34 (bio)

      Thursday 14th May

      The Silver Dollars

      The Silver Dollars are a garage blues duo from North Coast Australia. Bringing influences from John Lee Hooker to the Velvet Underground. No hiding behind effects or loops these two believe in raw power. The Silver Dollars are touring in May, stopping at Church Street on Thursday the 14th.

      Tix – $10


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      Monday 18th May

      willowy and direwolf

      Willowy encompasses the musical nature of 21 year old, Indie (nu)-folk singer/songwriter Brittany Green. This creative aspect of her personality delves into the darker issues of life, much like the Celtic legend of the Willow tree and its ability to draw deep emotions to the surface.

      Drawing inspiration from artists such as Bon Iver, Ben Howard and Tallest Man on Earth …24 year old Matt Dewar (aka “Direwolf”) is a stout product of the undiscovered indie/folk movement




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      Thursday 21st May

      Sweet Lil Rider

      Sweet Lil Rider is a sound born of friendship and the love of the blue side of music. Johnny Cass and Jim Hilbun have created a musical place they call the ‘Voodoo Swamp’, a pool filled from the waters of Delta Blues, R’n’B, R’n’R and Soul.
      Sweet Lil Rider’s EP was written, recorded and performed in a shed on a secluded property on the NSW South Coast. It was then taken to Tim Powles from Space Junk Studios to mix. Tim was very excited about the finished product as are Jim and John. It is a small sample of what is to come.
      Sweet Lil Rider have been playing up and down Australia’s South Coast and Sydney. Live shows are a complete Delta Blues experience. Johnny plays a foot drum kit complete with kick drum and snare which provides the driving beat. JC lays down some solid slide guitar with Jim Hilbun’s unique rhythm playing, which at times sounds like a piano, then swerves into a swagger reminiscent of Keith Richards.
      Johnny and Jim first met in the 80s at the legendary Guitar Crazy in Coogee, and Jim Hilbun produced an E.P. for Johnny’s then-band ‘Parker’. Jim, an ARIA Hall Of Fame member, continued recording and performing with The Angels as well as many other respected Australian and international musicians including The Divinyls, Diesel and Angry Anderson of Rose Tattoo.
      Flash forward to 2013. Johnny released his ‘Tombstone Bullets’ CD, which reached No. 9 on the Australian Blues & Roots airplay charts. Jim heard Johnny being interviewed about this release on his favourite station, Eastside Radio 89.7, and tracked him down online. He sent Johnny an email saying how much he liked his stuff and Johnny replied, “Thanks Man! Do you wanna do some gigs?”
      So they teamed up and this led to a happy and productive writing/playing/performing duo. Friend/Drummer/Percussionist Mick Skelton kindly lent his groove to the recording of the self-titled E.P.
      Sweet Lil Rider have been together for a year now and celebrated their anniversary with a return gig at the Narooma Blues Festival. With its unique sound, and many successful gigs under their belts, this solid team has great things on the horizon.


      TIX $25

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      Friday 22nd May

      Wes Carr presents “Here Comes The Sun” A Journey Through The Songs of George Harrison


      ‘Here Comes The Sun’ showcases much loved Australian singer songwriter Wes Carr interpreting George Harrison’s songbook – taking on such chart topping classics as ‘My Sweet Lord’ and ‘What is Life’, and The Beatles classic ’Something’, a song which Frank Sinatra deemed ‘the greatest love song ever written’.


      ‘Here Comes The Sun’ will see Wes share intimate tales and anecdotes from George Harrison himself, not only showcasing the depth of George’s music but looking ‘within and without’ on a spiritual journey, recounting conversations George started many years ago.  Storytelling is what Wes does best, and this is a truly unique story, celebrating the essence of an incredible artist from a musician’s perspective.


      George Harrison wasn’t just the ‘quiet Beatle’ who played lead guitar for the most celebrated and influential band the world has ever seen. George was an innovator, arguably more so than John Lennon and Paul, McCartney, questioning life and reality, always searching for something deeper and in doing so, introducing the culture and traditions of the east to the west. Most famously, George Harrison collaborated with Ravi Shankar and embraced the practice of Transcendental Meditation, the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.


      The connection with George Harrison has played a significant role in Wes’s life, the singer songwriter explaining, ‘If it wasn’t for George, I wouldn’t have started Transcendental Meditation 5 years ago, the practice played a large part in my recovery from depression. To me, George was a spiritual leader in his own way, as he was a guiding light for so many. Through his music he questioned life and challenged modern day thought. As The Beatles were falling apart and breaking up, George was finding himself through his many personal voyages around the world, mainly to India. I believe he became a vessel to expose the world to ancient traditions, spiritual practices and musical sensibilities that Westerners may not have come across otherwise. The times certainly were ‘a changing’ and George was at the forefront of a global shift that today still rings true for so many. I believe George’s music has more relevance now than it ever did – for all of these reasons, I knew I had to pay tribute to the life and work of George Harrison through a live show’.

      Wes Carr will celebrate George Harrison’s life and influence through the live show, HERE COMES THE SUN, from January 2015.






      TIX $25


      Saturday 23rd May


      Anna Salleh presents an intoxicating brew of honey-smooth bossa novas, sambas, swinging jazz, enchanting ballads and much more. With captivating beats, beauty, irreverence and joy, this is a charming and exotic night of passion, music and fun.

      Beyond the Girl from Ipanema, Anna takes you on a deeper journey into the heart of Brazilian music, drawing on the passion, love and respect she gained for the genre while playing with musicians in Rio de Janeiro.

      Anna has developed a reputation as one of Sydney’s finest exponents of Brazilian jazz. As well as performing nationally, she has graced the international stage, from The Edinburgh Festival to Rio and Kuala Lumpur.

      Anna is joined by her band of top shelf musicians, including Stuart Vandegraaff (clarinet/sax/flute), Dan Holland (piano), Stan Valacos (double bass/7-string guitar) and Tim Bradley (drums/percussion).

      TIX – $25


    Beneath the mountains by the sea, the magical Bellinger valley rolls just off the beaten track between Sydney & Brisbane, approximately 4hrs north of Newcastle and 3hrs south of Byron making it the perfect stop off for artists travelling along the old east coast tour trail.

    No.5 has established a strong reputation for hosting intimate live performances, with the likes of Mama Kin, Joe Robinson, Jack Carty, Jordie Lane, Deborah Connway, Perch Creek Family Jug band, The Mid North & Katie Noonan all playing memorable sell out shows.

    • Friday 6th December

      Dustin Tebbut
    • Saturday 7th December

      Nice Verdes
    • Saturday 14th December

      Joni Mitchell Show
    • Sunday 15th December

    • Saturday 21st December

      Shaun Kirk
    • Friday 3rd January

      Hunt Brothers
    • Saturday 4th January

      Zoe Elliot
    • Friday 10th January

      Rizal Abdulhadi
    • Saturday 11th January

      Aubrey Auld
    • Thursday 16th January

      Jamie Hutchings
    • Friday 17th January

      Matt Henry, Brad Butcher & Jen Mize
    • Saturday 18th January

    • Friday 24th January

      Matt Wicking & D.A Calf
    • Saturday 25th January

      Kim Churchill
    • Sunday 26th January

      Hatz Fitz & Cara
    • Saturday 15th February

      Miss Renee Simone
    • Thursday 20th February

    • Friday 21st February

    • Friday 28th February

    • Thursday 6th March

      The London Klezmer Quartet
    • Saturday 8th March

    • Friday 14th March

    • Wednesday 19th March

    • Thursday 27th March

    • Friday 28th March

    • Saturday 29th March

    • Friday 4th April

      THE BEEZ
    • Saturday 5th April

    • Friday 18th April

    • Sunday 20th April

      The Bakers Digest
    • Saturday 3rd May

    • Saturday 10th May

    • Friday 16th May

      Twin Haus
    • Friday 23rd May

      Slow Turismo
    • Saturday 24th May

    • Friday 30th May

    • Saturday 31st May

      Kevin Bennett and Glen Hannah
    • Friday 6th June

      Ed Kuepper
    • Saturday 7th June

    • Saturday 14th June

      T.J.Quinton & Ahliya Kite
    • Friday 20th June

      Lucie Thorne
    • Saturday 21st June

      Beaten Bodies
    • Thursday 26th June

      Mustered Courage
    • Friday 27th June

      The Dead Setters
    • Thursday 10th July

      Justin Bernasconi
    • Friday 11th July

      The Yearlings
    • Sunday 13th July

      Little Bastard
    • Sunday 20th July

      Essie Thomas
    • Thursday 24th July

    • Friday 1st August

      JAY HOAD
    • Saturday 2nd August

      Tim ‘Tonic’ Hulsman
    • Saturday 9th August

      Melody Pool & Marlon Williams
    • Friday 15th August

    • Wednesday 20th August

      Vincent Cross
    • Thursday 21st August

      Mr Black and Blues
    • Friday 29th August

      Miriam Lieberman
    • Sunday 31st August

      Julia Henning
    • Saturday 13th September

      Katie Noonan
    • Thursday 18th September

      Maia Jelavic
    • Friday 3rd October

      Cat Canteri
    • Saturday 4th October

    • Sunday 5th October

      Luke Jon Shearer
    • Friday 10th October

      Brad Martin and Shaun Meehan
    • Saturday 11th October

      Lisa Richards and The Baker Suite
    • Wednesday 15th October

      The Grahams + Marcus Blake + Phil Smith
    • Friday 17th October

      All Our Exes Live in Texas
    • Thursday 23rd October

      Siskin River – ALBUM TOUR!
    • Friday 24th October

      James Bennett
    • Friday 31st October

      Yoyo Tuki
    • Saturday 1st November

      Starboard Cannons
    • Thursday 6th November

      We Two Theives
    • Friday 7th November

      We Two Theives – ENCORE!!
    • Saturday 8th November

    • Wednesday 12th November

      Hat Fitz & Cara “Do Tell” Tour
    • Friday 14th November

      Benjalu Winter Acustic tour with The Flumes
    • Friday 21st November

      Jack Carty
    • Wednesday 26th November

      Liz Stringer
    • Saturday 29th November

      Toni Swain
    • Monday 1st December

      MOVIE NIGHT @ NO 5 – Jim Henson’s LABYRINTH!!!
    • Friday 5th December

      Steve Tyson
    • Saturday 6th December

      Betty and Oswald
    • Monday 8th December

      FILM CLUB!! Screening – FRANK
    • Wednesday 10th December

    • Thursday 11th December

      David Flower and Caroline Trengove
    • Sunday 14th December

      Tora – Eat The Sun Tour
    • Monday 15th December

      No 5 Film Club presents – TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE!!
    • Thursday 18th December

      Steve Smyth
    • Friday 19th December

    • Saturday 20th December

      Darren Jack
    • Monday 22nd December

      FLIM CLUB PRESENTS – Bad Santa!!
    • Thursday 25th December

      - Christmas Day we are Closed -
    • Saturday 27th December

      Original Sin
    • Monday 29th December

    • Thursday 1st January

      - New Year’s Day we are closed -
    • Friday 2nd January

    • Saturday 3rd January

      Morgan Billygoat Tucker
    • Sunday 4th January

      The Brass Knuckle Brass Band
    • Friday 9th January

      Jenn Grant & The Starboard Cannons
    • Monday 12th January

    • Friday 16th January

      Steve Smyth
    • Monday 19th January

      Film Club Presents – WAKE IN FRIGHT!!
    • Friday 23rd January

      Dan Waters
    • Saturday 24th January

      Telegraph Tower
    • Sunday 25th January

      Daniel Champagne
    • Monday 26th January

    • Thursday 29th January

      Kava Kings
    • Friday 30th January

      Honey & Knives
    • Thursday 5th February

      I Sognaturi
    • Friday 6th February

      Grace Turner
    • Saturday 7th February

      Green Mohair Suits
    • Monday 9th February

      No 5 Film Club Presents – ERASERHEAD!!
    • Friday 13th February

      Den Hanrahan
    • Saturday 14th February

      Ed Wells w Benny Francis & Gina Balenzano
    • Friday 27th February

      Mr Cassidy w Andrew Morris
    • Saturday 28th February

    • Friday 6th March

      The London Klezmer Quartet
    • Saturday 7th March

      Kim Richey and Sarah Humphreys
    • Saturday 14th March

      Nick kingswell + alex gibson
    • Thursday 19th March

      dustin Thomas
    • Saturday 21st March

      The Beez
    • Saturday 28th March

    • Thursday 9th April

      Elwood Myre
    • Friday 10th April

    • Saturday 11th April

    • Friday 17th April

    • Saturday 18th April

    • Thursday 23rd April

      Betty & Oswald
    • Saturday 25th April

      Microwave Jenny
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    Food & Drink


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    Love our Locals

    The Bellinger Valley is home to some of the finest suppliers of fresh produce in the country & our local farmers & neighboring small businesses help us to present you with the best possible quality food & beverage that we can muster!

    We use the best local, organic & bio-dynamic produce where available. By supporting local growers we are not only promoting growth of the local economy, we are reducing transportation costs & unnecessary use of non-renewable energy, not to mention providing healthy & affordable food for our community.

    Here’s some of our favorite local suppliers…

    • PennyFarthing


      Sourcing the best seasonal organic green beans direct from the growers in Hondurus, Guatemala & Papua New Guinea. One of the best local roasts around.


      Penny Farthing Coffee Roasters


    • BellingenBrewing


      Using only the finest quality malted barley & hops, Mr Jennings has been producing a small range of hand crafted ales since 2005. With no additives or preservatives, this is real beer as it should be, brewed just across the bridge!


    • Kombu


      Located right next door, this family owned super store has been serving our local community with affordable organic & healthy living goodness for over 10 years. Thanks Kev, Lowanna & all the crew for your amazing hard work in supplying us with real, nutritious food to eat!


    • YamstickEggs


      Over the hill in the Missabotti Valley, 500 happy chooks pluck & peck around Yamstick Farm & supply us with some of the best eggs you’ll ever taste – certified organic, free range & very hard to beat – just check out the yolks! 


    • JimmysGreens


      Grown using an environmentally friendly & sustainable organic aquaponic system in Bonville, Jimmy grows his greens using absolutely no chemical fertilizers or pesticides & 90% less water then conventional soil based farming. This is a fully sustainable food production method that is ideal for our changing climatic environment – go get em’ Jimmy!


    • PatIvan

      PAT & IVAN

      Out along the Waterfall Way toward Dorrigo, Pat & Ivan have been ‘open for business’ at Roses Fruit Stall for 50 odd years. Ivan drops in our green apples & local macadamias & never fails to throw in a cracker good old joke on the house.

    • GreenGrocers


      These guys are our local greengrocer, locally owned and run, they are focussed on sourcing the best local produce from the region.


    • AndreasGelato


      From the sunny seaside town of Sawtell comes our seriously great gelato… try a scoop & see for yourself !

    • Pat


      Some potatoes, some veggies but mostly a good old cuppa tea & a chat. Last year we made a beautiful little short film called PAT, check it out here on ABC Open…


      PAT – ABC Open


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    Come Together

    Live music, community gatherings & events are happening all throughout the year & we would love to share it with you all!

    Keep up to date with the latest news, join our mailing list… click the mail icon bottome right of our webpage or visit our FaceBook page:


    And we’d love to get your feedback & hear the full report… we welcome you to review us on tripadvisor.com.au!!


    For artist bookings please contact Tracey Collier-Griffiths:

    Kick Music Management

    E: tracey@kickmusic.com.au


    5 Church Street Bellingen NSW, Australia 2454
    P: 6655 0155
    E: cometogether@5churchstreet.com