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5 Church Street, Bellingen NSW Australia.

We are open for breakfast, lunch & dinner 8am - 8pm, 7 Days | For bookings please phone 02 6655 0155

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    Our Story

    The philosophy @ No.5 is simple – an open space where people from all walks of life can come together to share an experience – to enjoy being nourished – to leave feeling inspired.

    Everything that we do is directed toward communicating ideas about how we can create a more sustainable, open minded, ethical and responsible community.

    Our food is a vehicle to express how we feel – wholesome & artistic, colourful & creative – simple flavours with attention to the details.

    We use the best local, organic & bio-dynamic produce available & design our menu based upon the abundance of the season – the way it should be!!

    By supporting local growers we are not only promoting growth of the local economy, we are reducing transportation costs & unnecessary use of non-renewable energy, not to mention providing healthy & affordable food for our community – whilst tantalising your taste buds too!!

    Our goal is not only to support local, ecologically balanced farming practices, but to actively venture towards establishing a holistic model for a fully sustainable small business operation that supports all those involved – our guests, our suppliers, our workers & ultimately ourselves!

    Live music, movie nights, social events & community gatherings – there’s always something going on down @ No.5!

    We welcome you to come down & enjoy the space, we look forward to serving you soon!

  1. Live@No.5

    Beneath the mountains by the sea, the magical Bellinger valley rolls just off the beaten track between Sydney & Brisbane, approximately 4hrs north of Newcastle and 3hrs south of Byron making it the perfect stop off for artists travelling along the old east coast tour trail.

    No.5 has established a strong reputation for hosting intimate live performances, with the likes of Mama Kin, Saskwatch, Jack Carty, Jordie Lane, Deborah Connway, Megan Washington, Lanie lane & Katie Noonan all playing memorable sell out shows.

    • 15055699_1150415441675017_870599198445054561_n

      Friday 9th December

      Bellingen Stands with Standing Rock

      A fundraising and education event supporting the peaceful movement lead by Native American people to protect the water at Standing Rock, North Dakota.

      This free event will commence at 6:30pm at the Bellingen River with a Welcome to Country, followed by talks about how Gumbaynggirr people have cared for the sacred water and earth for millennia, plus music and films.

      The evening is an opportunity to come together as human beings and celebrate our capacity to develop compassion for ourselves, each other and the earth.

      Our Bellingen warrior Tu has recently returned from Standing Rock where his Haka on the frontline, and his presence deeply touched many people.

      Donations to http://www.ocetisakowincamp.org/donate

      Date: 9th December, 2016

      Time: 6:30pm (commencing at the river below the skate park and then walking to No. 5)

      Place: No. 5 Church Street, Bellingen

    • 15232091_1160815640634997_3269046925911227539_n

      Saturday 10th December

      The Cope Street Parade

      Sydney born and bred, the parade write love songs like no other can.
      The Cope Street Parade are a high energy Australian music ensemble. They blend spicy rhythms with unique song writing that spans the genres of folk, pop, gypsy and swing. With tender ballads and rollicking dance numbers they capture the spirit and warmth of early music styles and successfully blur the lines between the contemporary and the old. Influences include Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima, Father John Misty and Leadbelly.
      Brian Campeau
      Brian Campeau is a guitarist and a singer. His music sounds good. According to him. Which is good because he wrote it, and if he was to write something and not like it, and then perform it, people would quickly believe that he’s an idiot. And he’s no idiot.

      TIX $15

    • 15192796_1160804677302760_8413309101076526195_n

      Friday 16th December

      Papa Richie $Free

      Papa Richie is a local Bello based soul man heavily influenced by the gritty ’60s Memphis sound & the rootsy ’70s Kingston Sound.
      Originally from Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, Richie has played in bands with members of Hermitude, supported Julian Marley with Melbourne based band Kooyeh and worked as a sound engineer for many years providing production for countless Australian & international acts.
      The past few years have seen him developing his solo work, performing his own unique interperatations of songs written by people such as Otis Redding, Van Morrison, Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs, Stevie Wonder and the like.

    • 15179130_1160812340635327_8969070447822639443_n

      Saturday 17th December

      Little Betty

      From the green pastures of Bellingen town, 4 Women create the exciting new outfit’ Little Betty. Bearing the fruits of experience – this highly skilled and dynamic 4 piece will be performing in Bellingen’s own Cafe 5 Church St. Saturday 17th Dec
      Collectively – the uniqueness of their delivery draws upon a wide range of musical genres – including: Boogie Woogie, Tango, Blues, Jazz, Rock and many originals.
      Little Betty includes singer, Jen Jen from “Aunty Hu Hu”, – Annie Arnold – “La Sirene`” – “The Little Loves”, Lizzy Rutten From Tai Chi Moon, Son Of Rut and Project 17,and Emily Vera -Tai Chi Moon and Son of Rut
      A whispering, bellowing 4 piece she comes. A banging away on keys, bass and drums. Bringing a soulful dillybag of songs to your table.

      Book Today to get a seat/ Dance space, call 6655 0155
      Summer Boogie is the Theme!!


      TIX $15

    • 15181192_1160800800636481_8880928624278313262_n

      Friday 23rd December

      Nino Birch $Free

      Nino’s musical journey began in the heady post-punk period back in NZ. His band Beat Rhythm Fashion (BRF), formed with his Brother Dan Birch (RIP) only played NZ for 3 years and 2 tours. To this day BRF singles and live recordings still generate interest among a small cult following that caught their work during their brief time in NZ. BRF material can be found at www.failsaferecords.com
      Live recordings and a new album are on the way where Nino has re-recorded some of the old BRF songs and some new material. The original drummer, Caroline Esther (The Chills), and an NZ bassist will be adding their tracks in NZ studios and then Nino will add final vocal tracks etc. The album will be mastered in NZ/Japan by Rob Mayes, Failsafe records and available online.

      Since this time Nino has played in and formed various bands over the years in Melbourne- The Anvil Chorus, Chime, Barry Plankton and Tenterhook. After a long spell teaching in Steiner Schools, Nino has decided to step up a bit again and do some solo work while also looking to from a group again here in Bello.

      Nino’s current work has an acoustic melodic pop feel with British roots. His work has always been predominantly pro environment, anti establishment, anti corporate, anti govt and to this day he still considers himself rather an anarchist.

    • Mat McHugh

      Thursday 5th January

      Mat McHugh

      The latter part of 2015 was a tumultuous time for Mat McHugh. Having written, recorded and released a new album – WAVES (www.wavesthealbum.com) given to fans for free – Mat, an avid surfer, had to cancel his Australian tour that October after only a few shows due to a serious spinal injury. Rather than go through potentially voice-damaging or mobility threatening surgery, Mat sought out specialists who have been stretching, manipulating and poking him with acupuncture needles five days a week for the past 12 months to get him back to the point where he could again pick up and play his guitar.

      Says Mat: “I’m still on the road to recovery but I’m feeling a lot better than I was a year ago. I’ve been working hard every single day and changed my lifestyle a lot so the whole experience has turned into a positive”.

      May 2016 saw a return to the road with performances across Australia on the ‘WAVES Tour’. Taking to the stage in his current two piece touring format of guitar / vocals plus electronics the tour proved a huge success with sold out shows and glowing reviews all over the country. He was then unexpectedly asked to travel to Europe for shows in Germany and the Netherlands where he performed to enthusiastic crowds from his existing fan base as well as being welcomed with open arms by brand new fans.

      With its mix of sophisticated song writing and deep electronic beats combined with Mat’s instantly recognisable voice, the show was an artistic high water mark for the ever forward-thinking musician. The deep set list drew from his 3 critically acclaimed solo albums WAVES, Love Come Save Me and Seperatista!.

      This two piece line-up is the format Mat brings back to Europe this October and November where he performs as an invited special guest on South African Jeremy Loops’ ‘TRADING CHANGE’ tour. The month long run of dates is set to showcase Mat’s range as a singer, songwriter, producer and performer to his rapidly increasing European fan base.

      The early part of Mat McHugh’s already accomplished career was spent as the mastermind and creative force behind Sydney based musical collective The Beautiful Girls.

      Beginning in 2002 with the debut EP Morning Sun, their track Periscopes became a certified National radio hit that summer with the Goodtimes EP, following that same year.
      In 2003 The Beautiful Girls released their debut album Learn Yourself, which became certified Gold within the year, followed up by another EP The Weight Of The World in 2004.
      Four more albums followed – We’re Already Gone (2005), Ziggurats (2007), Spooks (2010). and Dancehall Days (2014)
      We’re Already Gone was voted in the top ten triple j Albums Of The Year by station head Richard Kingsmill, nominated for the J Award for Album of the Year and received an ARIA award nomination for 2005 Blues and Roots Album of the Year.
      Ziggurats peaked at number 20 on the ARIA charts with its main single ‘I Thought About You’ nominated for Blues & Roots Work of the Year at the 2008 APRA Awards and the album has since been certified Gold in Australia.
      Spooks released in 2010, peaked at number 18 on the ARIA charts, debuted at number 1 in the Australian Independent Chart and number 7 in the US Billboard Reggae Albums Chart. Spooks, which Mat recorded at home with long-time co-producer Ian Pritchett, was described as ‘a majestic production where stylistic threads run deep’ which showcased Mat’s renowned solid song writing and multi-instrumentalist skills as well as his dexterity as a producer.

      Dancehall Days peaked at number 17 on the ARIA charts, debuted at number 1 in the Australian Independent Chart and number 5 in the US Billboard Reggae Albums Chart.

      Since its inception, McHugh and the collective that comprise the live version of The Beautiful Girls, have chalked up over a dozen world tours, travelling to Japan, Europe, Canada, the United States and South America. As McHugh says about live performance “To me, music is far too precious to exist in a box, I think a song is born and dies in a moment and in that, becomes a new definition. Playing live I never know what’s going to happen, or where, and that’s exactly the way I like it. As long as there is love there though, everything will be okay”.

      In between band commitments during 2009 Mat recorded his first solo effort Seperatista! which along with a tour saw him return as a solo performer for the first time in many years.

      An American tour in 2010 proved to be a watershed event for McHugh.
      Personally invited to open for John Butler, he took to the stage alone with just a guitar, a drum machine and loop pedal and “fell in love with it.”
      “A combination of pulsing rhythm, emotive vocals and philosophical lyrics, he really couldn’t go wrong. Along with his magnetic performance, this guy won over every heart in the room ” ( – the pier.org ) was typical of the many glowing reviews Mat received during the sold out Tour.

      In 2011, McHugh ‘rested’ The Beautiful Girls while he encountered the joys of fatherhood for the first time. Not sure whether that moniker would be used again, he released a solo album, Love Come Save Me in January 2012 then toured the USA and his beloved South America in 2013 for a series of solo live performances, all the while holding his past work close to him stating that, “All those Beautiful Girls tracks plus new and solo songs are always on the short list for the live set. It’s all part of the work I do”.

      Most recently Mat continued the philosophy of giving his music away for free with the 2015 release WAVES which currently has over 100,000 downloads from Mat’s Bandcamp page. A deeply personal and elegantly produced album it was ‘…the one record that I’ve put most of myself into. The lyrics, the production, the sound design all were at the very peak of what I could do at the time. Making an album, for me, is like turning myself inside-out. It’s raw. Or like walking into a dark valley looking for explosions of neon light and then trying to catch them before they float away. I hold WAVES very close to my heart because I know the battles we fought together to get finished. For that reason I felt like the best thing I could do was to give it away. It seemed like it was gifted to me so it felt only right that I repay that gift’ Mat says.

      As one reviewer stated; “Mat McHugh’s talent and voice is pretty near faultless, as it generally has been over the past ten-plus years, and there are some pretty special moments between him and the crowd during his long-time cherished tunes”. – themusic.com.au

      TIX $25 pre/$30 door

    • shapes-01

      Friday 6th January

      Vanishing Shapes

      Vanishing Shapes are an eccentric folk band from Newcastle whose music earned the moniker of ‘fairy music’ during a tour including the Northern Rivers area. Their songs hint at melodic characteristics of Celtic, Turkish and Andean folk music with rhythmic ideas stemming from more juxtaposing influences such as math rock and progressive metal. Harmonic and compositional traits, including form and texture, often display influences from the realms of classical and jazz music.
      Despite the bizarre combination of styles that are the driving influences behind their sound Vanishing Shapes have found a home for their music in some unexpected places. They have received a warm welcome at Newcastle’s warehouse and house party scenes as well as supporting national and international touring acts such as Afenginn, The Crooked Fiddle Band and Asta. Keeping a regular tour schedule they have appeared at venues across NSW, Victoria and the ACT as well as performing at festivals including Wollombi Music Festival, Folk by the Sea and Bellingen Turtlefest.


      TIX $15 /$10 Concession

    • jug-full-1

      Saturday 14th January

      The Jug Addicts

      The Jug Addicts play, as the name indicates, ‘Jug Music’. This form of comical music has been around for about a century. It’s a type of vernacular music that is all about ‘word play’, a comical sense of rhyme driven by a high energy jazz feel. Jug music has been constantly redefined throughout the last century and now we have The Jug Addicts reclaiming the cultural high ground by taking innocent little songs and having their wicked way with them.

      ‘The Juggies’ (as they are affectionately known) have been around since 2001. The band is made up of Gary Jenkins on vocals, washboard and strange percussion, Adam Cafarella on jug, guitar, mandolin, kazoo and vocals, Glenn Manion on resonator, archtop, ukulele and interjections and the fabulously infamous Wendy Griffiths on double bass.

      Playing at weddings, pubs, the Tamworth Country Music Festival, Bellingen Turtle Festival, markets, grand openings… The Juggies has impressed / shocked quite an eclectic group of people from little kiddies through young techno fans who also seem to love high energy acoustic music to more mature punters who may have even heard their grandparents singing these songs when they were young (perhaps with somewhat less attitude).


      TIX $10

    • 4winds460-2

      Wednesday 18th January

      Four Winds

      Deeply rooted in the tradition, FourWinds produce an exciting landscape of tunes and lyrics that present Irish traditional music in a modern and creative context. Their influences include Begley and Cooney, The Bothy Band, Planxty, Brady and Irvine, Moving Hearts, Pink Floyd and even Elvis. This energetic quartet delivers a truly unique musical experience.

      The band has just been awarded the prestigious Danny Kyle Award, presented by the Celtic Connections festival board in recognition of outstanding emerging talent in Celtic music. FourWinds has also been chosen as one of three finalists in the Rising Stars Competition, held by The Gathering in Killarney, Ireland.

      The band has performed as FourWinds since 2013 however Daoiri, Tom, Caroline and Robbie have toured extensively throughout Europe, Canada and America in both solo and group contexts (The Daoiri Farrell Band, Solid Clarity and Tom Delany and Caroline Keane duo) for many years, having shared stages with such renowned musicians as Paddy Keenan, The Chieftains, Tommy O’Sullivan, De Temps Antan, FullSet, Muireann NicAmhlaoibh, Karen Tweed and many more. All four members have received awards at national level, Daoiri and Robbie having claimed the coveted All Ireland titles at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann. Daoiri’s debut solo album ‘The First Turn’ received critical acclaim in 2010, while Tom and Caroline’s debut ‘Framework’ was featured in Tradconnect’s top selling list. The members also feature frequently on many mainstream Irish television channels, including RTÉ, TV3 and the Gaelic language television channel TG4.

      FourWinds have just released their debut album, “FourWinds” and are looking forward to a long spring / summer of performances around Ireland, Canada and Europe, including Brittany, France, and The U.K.

      TIX $15 pre $20 door

    • kim-churchill-33-of-56

      Friday 3rd February

      KIM Churchill – The Raw Files Tour

      At just 26, Kim Churchill has already achieved some incredible things in his short time as a professional musician. He’s recognised as much internationally as he is in Australia, having performed headline shows, festivals and supports alike all over the planet, including Glastonbury Billy Bragg, Falls Festival, Nahko and the Medicine People, Montreal Jazz, Telluride Blues, and a plethora of others.

      Known for his magnetic, dynamic stage presence, Kim unites lyrical artistry with fierce vocals; he is a sonic architect – using his guitar to create landscapes, which animate his lyrics.

      Drawing inspiration from his time in Europe and sojourns to Sri Lanka and Canada – Kim has just finished his follow up record to Silence/Win. To celebrate – Kim will take the new songs to some of his favourite regional Australian towns and cities – places where he has spent time in his formative years travelling and busking, surfing and sleeping in the back of a van. On the Raw_Files tour, Kim will play tracks from the forthcoming album in an intimate environment – tickets are very limited for this once in a lifetime experience.


      TIX $20 pre $25 from door

    • 15111105_1150418671674694_4736231579222790704_o

      Tuesday 14th February

      London Klezmer Quartet

      The London Klezmer Quartet return to No. 5 with their brand new album, ‘To the Tavern’. Fantastic instrumental music on clarinet, fiddle, accordion and double bass, with sultry vocals from Indra Buraczewska on the theme of love – both real, imagined (and for beetroot soup). “The real deal to these ears” (Doug Spencer, ABC).


      TIX $20

    • image001

      Friday 24th February

      Jack Carty

      Award-winning, indie-chart topping, independent Australian songwriter Jack Carty will take his ever-growing swag of well-travelled songs to some of Australia’s more beautiful towns and venues between February and April 2017.


      Many things are born of new marriages. Matching linen, tiny humans and for Australian troubadour Jack Carty, an album – Home State – independently released in Australia on August 5 2016 and debuting at #36 on the ARIA Albums Chart and #1 on the AIR %100 Independent Album Chart.


      Such was its impact on home shores that it was picked up for release in The U.K via Gilded Lily Records/Absolute on November 18 2016.


      It’s been a huge year for Carty, whose talent for melody, wit and a gorgeous turn of phrase: won him a much-coveted, biannual APRA Professional Development Award; saw him play Spain’s Famous Primavera Sound Festival and tour nationally with Josh Pyke; and (in the space of twelve months) has taken him not once, but twice around Australia, New Zealand and the U.K – with every show, cementing his reputation as a writer and performer of incredible depth and imagination.


      Home State was performed, recorded and produced by Carty in a tiny one-bedroom apartment in Brisbane’s Red Hill, during pockets of time between, his upstairs neighbours tap-dancing and his new wife Natasha’s Netflix addiction.


      It is clear that – although Carty’s trademark honesty and hopefulness will never desert him – the lovelorn boy of One Thousand Origami BirdsBreak Your Own Heart and Esk has evolved into a man of quiet confidence with a renewed excitement for stories and songwriting. Home State is undoubtedly his most accomplished record to date, in a growing catalogue of critically acclaimed releases.


      Don’t miss this chance to see Jack perform live in intimately beautiful venues across Australia.


      “The recently married Carty might well have found his happy place” ★★★★ — Mike Alexander, THE SUNDAY STAR TIMES


      “A warm, thought-provoking album full of phrases that return to play repeatedly in one’s head”  — Sue Barrett, RHYTHMS MAGAZINE


      TIX $25

    • hires-second-chances-cards-landscape

      Thursday 9th March

      Scott Cook

      A roots balladeer with a rare personal warmth, Canada’s Scott Cook has distilled the stories collected over a decade of near-incessant touring across Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia into straight-talking, keenly observant verse. His fourth release, One More Time Around, was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award, and its opening track “Pass It Along” won the Folk and Acoustic category in the 2013 UK Songwriting Contest, with UK magazine Maverick Country naming him “one of Canada’s most inspiring and imaginative storytellers”. Scott has already completed three tours of Australia, including talked-about performances at Woodford, Cobargo, Candelo, Newstead, Illawarra, and Yackandandah folk festivals. This year he’s returning with his acoustic trio the Second Chances (Bramwell Park on banjo, mandolin, guitar and harmony vocals, and Melissa Walker on upright bass and harmonies) in support of their 2017 album Further Down the Line. Cook is one of the hardest-working troubadours on the road today, averaging over 160 shows and a dozen festivals every year since 2007. All the hard miles notwithstanding, he still believes that songs can change your life, and your life can change the world.
      “Scott Cook has distilled his travels down into songs powered by a sharp eye for imagery, a healthy dose of humanity, and that unforgettable voice, that at the same time intones the rigors of the road and the most comfortable couch you have ever slept on.” -David Francey, 3x Juno-winning Canadian songwriter
      “There’s nothing flash about Canada’s Cook. He sings his heart and soul, and in doing so lets light flood into your own… He has a good eye for imagery, a gentle human touch, a wry sense of humour, a whole lot of integrity, a warm, rugged voice and a bunch of memorable lines… Truly one of Woody Guthrie’s children.” -David Burke, R2 Magazine


      TIX $15

    Beneath the mountains by the sea, the magical Bellinger valley rolls just off the beaten track between Sydney & Brisbane, approximately 4hrs north of Newcastle and 3hrs south of Byron making it the perfect stop off for artists travelling along the old east coast tour trail.

    No.5 has established a strong reputation for hosting intimate live performances, with the likes of Mama Kin, Saskwatch, Jack Carty, Jordie Lane, Deborah Connway, Megan Washington, Lanie lane & Katie Noonan all playing memorable sell out shows.

    • Friday 6th December

      Dustin Tebbut
    • Saturday 7th December

      Nice Verdes
    • Saturday 14th December

      Joni Mitchell Show
    • Sunday 15th December

    • Saturday 21st December

      Shaun Kirk
    • Friday 3rd January

      Hunt Brothers
    • Saturday 4th January

      Zoe Elliot
    • Friday 10th January

      Rizal Abdulhadi
    • Saturday 11th January

      Aubrey Auld
    • Thursday 16th January

      Jamie Hutchings
    • Friday 17th January

      Matt Henry, Brad Butcher & Jen Mize
    • Saturday 18th January

    • Friday 24th January

      Matt Wicking & D.A Calf
    • Saturday 25th January

      Kim Churchill
    • Sunday 26th January

      Hatz Fitz & Cara
    • Saturday 15th February

      Miss Renee Simone
    • Thursday 20th February

    • Friday 21st February

    • Friday 28th February

    • Thursday 6th March

      The London Klezmer Quartet
    • Saturday 8th March

    • Friday 14th March

    • Wednesday 19th March

    • Thursday 27th March

    • Friday 28th March

    • Saturday 29th March

    • Friday 4th April

      THE BEEZ
    • Saturday 5th April

    • Friday 18th April

    • Sunday 20th April

      The Bakers Digest
    • Saturday 3rd May

    • Saturday 10th May

    • Friday 16th May

      Twin Haus
    • Friday 23rd May

      Slow Turismo
    • Saturday 24th May

    • Friday 30th May

    • Saturday 31st May

      Kevin Bennett and Glen Hannah
    • Friday 6th June

      Ed Kuepper
    • Saturday 7th June

    • Saturday 14th June

      T.J.Quinton & Ahliya Kite
    • Friday 20th June

      Lucie Thorne
    • Saturday 21st June

      Beaten Bodies
    • Thursday 26th June

      Mustered Courage
    • Friday 27th June

      The Dead Setters
    • Thursday 10th July

      Justin Bernasconi
    • Friday 11th July

      The Yearlings
    • Sunday 13th July

      Little Bastard
    • Sunday 20th July

      Essie Thomas
    • Thursday 24th July

    • Friday 1st August

      JAY HOAD
    • Saturday 2nd August

      Tim ‘Tonic’ Hulsman
    • Saturday 9th August

      Melody Pool & Marlon Williams
    • Friday 15th August

    • Wednesday 20th August

      Vincent Cross
    • Thursday 21st August

      Mr Black and Blues
    • Friday 29th August

      Miriam Lieberman
    • Sunday 31st August

      Julia Henning
    • Saturday 13th September

      Katie Noonan
    • Thursday 18th September

      Maia Jelavic
    • Friday 3rd October

      Cat Canteri
    • Saturday 4th October

    • Sunday 5th October

      Luke Jon Shearer
    • Friday 10th October

      Brad Martin and Shaun Meehan
    • Saturday 11th October

      Lisa Richards and The Baker Suite
    • Wednesday 15th October

      The Grahams + Marcus Blake + Phil Smith
    • Friday 17th October

      All Our Exes Live in Texas
    • Thursday 23rd October

      Siskin River – ALBUM TOUR!
    • Friday 24th October

      James Bennett
    • Friday 31st October

      Yoyo Tuki
    • Saturday 1st November

      Starboard Cannons
    • Thursday 6th November

      We Two Theives
    • Friday 7th November

      We Two Theives – ENCORE!!
    • Saturday 8th November

    • Wednesday 12th November

      Hat Fitz & Cara “Do Tell” Tour
    • Friday 14th November

      Benjalu Winter Acustic tour with The Flumes
    • Friday 21st November

      Jack Carty
    • Wednesday 26th November

      Liz Stringer
    • Saturday 29th November

      Toni Swain
    • Monday 1st December

      MOVIE NIGHT @ NO 5 – Jim Henson’s LABYRINTH!!!
    • Friday 5th December

      Steve Tyson
    • Saturday 6th December

      Betty and Oswald
    • Monday 8th December

      FILM CLUB!! Screening – FRANK
    • Wednesday 10th December

    • Thursday 11th December

      David Flower and Caroline Trengove
    • Sunday 14th December

      Tora – Eat The Sun Tour
    • Monday 15th December

      No 5 Film Club presents – TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE!!
    • Thursday 18th December

      Steve Smyth
    • Friday 19th December

    • Saturday 20th December

      Darren Jack
    • Monday 22nd December

      FLIM CLUB PRESENTS – Bad Santa!!
    • Thursday 25th December

      – Christmas Day we are Closed –
    • Saturday 27th December

      Original Sin
    • Monday 29th December

    • Thursday 1st January

      – New Year’s Day we are closed –
    • Friday 2nd January

    • Friday 2nd January

      Jason Lowe
    • Saturday 3rd January

      Morgan Billygoat Tucker
    • Sunday 4th January

      The Brass Knuckle Brass Band
    • Friday 9th January

      Jenn Grant & The Starboard Cannons
    • Monday 12th January

    • Friday 16th January

      Steve Smyth
    • Monday 19th January

      Film Club Presents – WAKE IN FRIGHT!!
    • Friday 23rd January

      Dan Waters
    • Saturday 24th January

      Telegraph Tower
    • Sunday 25th January

      Daniel Champagne
    • Monday 26th January

    • Thursday 29th January

      Kava Kings
    • Friday 30th January

      Honey & Knives
    • Thursday 5th February

      I Sognaturi
    • Friday 6th February

      Grace Turner
    • Saturday 7th February

      Green Mohair Suits
    • Monday 9th February

      No 5 Film Club Presents – ERASERHEAD!!
    • Friday 13th February

      Den Hanrahan
    • Saturday 14th February

      Ed Wells w Benny Francis & Gina Balenzano
    • Friday 27th February

      Mr Cassidy w Andrew Morris
    • Saturday 28th February

    • Friday 6th March

      The London Klezmer Quartet
    • Saturday 7th March

      Kim Richey and Sarah Humphreys
    • Saturday 14th March

      Nick kingswell + alex gibson
    • Thursday 19th March

      dustin Thomas
    • Saturday 21st March

      The Beez
    • Saturday 28th March

    • Thursday 9th April

      Elwood Myre
    • Friday 10th April

    • Saturday 11th April

    • Friday 17th April

    • Saturday 18th April

    • Thursday 23rd April

      Betty & Oswald
    • Saturday 25th April

      Microwave Jenny
    • Thursday 30th April

      black bird hum
    • Friday 1st May

    • Saturday 2nd May

      Elana Stone
    • Friday 8th May

      The Flumes
    • Thursday 14th May

      The Silver Dollars
    • Friday 15th May

      willowy and direwolf
    • Thursday 21st May

      Sweet Lil Rider
    • Friday 22nd May

      Wes Carr presents “Here Comes The Sun” A Journey Through The Songs of George Harrison
    • Saturday 23rd May

    • Friday 29th May

      Fish On Fire
    • Saturday 30th May

      shake presents “BOOGIETRONIC”
    • Monday 8th June

    • Thursday 11th June

    • Friday 12th June

      Yhan Leal “Wilderness” Album Lauch
    • Saturday 13th June

      Harry Hookey & Matt Henry
    • Saturday 27th June

      Gavin Doniger is Mescalito Blues
    • Friday 3rd July

    • Saturday 4th July

    • Sunday 5th July

    • Thursday 9th July

      Jed Rowe & Alison Ferrier
    • Friday 17th July

      Brendan Gallagher
    • Saturday 18th July

      Harry Jakamarra
    • Friday 24th July

      Jimi Beavis and Paul Renton
    • Saturday 25th July

      Mick Daley, Jimmy Dowling and Den Hanrahan
    • Friday 31st July

      Starboard Cannons
    • Friday 14th August

      George Washingmachine’s Gypsy 5
    • Saturday 15th August

      shake presents : COSMIK
    • Friday 21st August

      Nova and the Experience
    • Thursday 27th August

    • Friday 28th August

      The Escalators
    • Saturday 5th September

    • Tuesday 8th September

      Megan washington
    • Wednesday 16th September

      megan washington 2nd show!!
    • Friday 18th September

    • Saturday 19th September

      Jason Lowe
    • Thursday 24th September

      The Rockabilly Women Show
    • Saturday 26th September

      Dave Garnham and Leo Rondeau (USA)
    • Friday 2nd October

      Honey & Knives
    • Saturday 3rd October

    • Wednesday 7th October

    • Thursday 8th October

      Brad Butcher
    • Saturday 10th October

      shake presents SAFARI $15
    • Friday 16th October

      Ed Kuepper
    • Saturday 17th October

      Angus Gill & Harley Coleman
    • Friday 30th October

      Jodi Martin
    • Saturday 31st October

    • Friday 6th November

      Mark Lucas
    • Saturday 7th November

      Rick Price
    • Friday 13th November

      Victoriana Gaye
    • Saturday 14th November

      Jojo Smith
    • Thursday 19th November

      Loren Kate EP Launch
    • Friday 20th November

      Áine Tyrrell Album Launch Tour
    • Friday 27th November

      Soda Eaves
    • Saturday 28th November

      Sye McRitchie
    • Friday 4th December

      The Cope Street Parade
    • Saturday 12th December

      The Morrisons ‘Single Launch’
    • Friday 18th December

      Honey & Knives
    • Saturday 19th December

      BUNYA – Return Of The Bunyi
    • Wednesday 6th January

    • Thursday 7th January

      Men From Earth
    • Saturday 9th January

      Irish Mythen
    • Saturday 16th January

      The Zap Show
    • Friday 22nd January

      Jack Tully Show + FREE Album
    • Friday 29th January

      Baltic Bar Mitzvah
    • Saturday 30th January

    • Thursday 4th February

      Elwood Myre
    • Friday 5th February

      Dried Spider
    • Thursday 11th February

      Collingwood Casanovas
    • Friday 12th February

      The Yearlings
    • Thursday 18th February

      Ziggy Alberts ( exclusive show )
    • Friday 19th February

      Lucie Thorn and Hamish Stuart
    • Saturday 20th February

      Bethanie Jolly
    • Friday 4th March

      Geoff Turnbull “Alive In The Madhouse: Tour
    • Saturday 5th March

      Raku O’Gaia
    • Sunday 6th March

    • Thursday 10th March

      Shaun Kirk 10th March $10
    • Saturday 12th March

      Mark Lucas & the Dead Setters
    • Wednesday 16th March

      Hat Fitz & Cara
    • Friday 18th March

      Samuel Dobson & Anatole
    • Saturday 19th March

    • Friday 25th March

      The Bean Project
    • Thursday 31st March

      The East Pointers & The Mae Trio
    • Saturday 2nd April

      Mick Daley and Pete Bufo Tix $15
    • Wednesday 6th April

      Vanuatu Women’s Water Film screening and presentation. Gold coin entry
    • Friday 8th April

      Miriam Lieberman Tix $25 /$20 concession
    • Saturday 9th April

      Sian Evans & Nicole Brophy
    • Thursday 14th April

      Oh Pep!
    • Saturday 16th April

      Bethanie Jolly
    • Friday 22nd April

      Joe Mungovan Tix $10
    • Saturday 23rd April

      Devon Sproule (USA)
    • Friday 29th April

    • Saturday 30th April

    • Friday 6th May

      Croft and Dolben
    • Saturday 7th May

      Claire Anne Taylor
    • Friday 13th May

    • Saturday 14th May

      Yhan Leal , Marcus Blacke & Kiara Jack
    • Friday 20th May

      Tara Carragher Tix $10
    • Friday 27th May

      Mat McHugh “SOLO”
    • Sunday 29th May

      Mark Wilkinson $30 tix or $35 thru door
    • Saturday 4th June

      Darren Jack “Solo”
    • Sunday 5th June

      Skycraper Stan
    • Friday 17th June

      Reilly Fitzalan Show
    • Saturday 18th June

      Geoff Turnbull “Alive In The Madhouse “
    • Saturday 25th June

      Mitch Power & Tom Dockray
    • Friday 1st July

      Baltic Bar Mitzvah
    • Saturday 2nd July

      The Weeping Willows
    • Friday 15th July

      Vanishing Shapes
    • Saturday 23rd July

      Jason Lowe
    • Saturday 6th August

      Peta Pomerenke & Petal and Peace
    • Friday 12th August

      Benny Fowler and George Bishop
    • Saturday 13th August

      Joe Newton
    • Thursday 18th August

      Bernard Kelly-Edwards presents Warrungaam Miindi ( Freshwater God )
    • Friday 19th August

    • Saturday 20th August

      Dom Kelly
    • Friday 26th August

    • Saturday 27th August

      Shellie Morris ‘POSTPONED’
    • Saturday 27th August

      Little Betty
    • Friday 2nd September

      Walrus and the Carpenter
    • Saturday 3rd September

      Caiti Baker
    • Sunday 4th September

      All Age Open Stage – Free Event
    • Friday 9th September

      Grizzlee Train
    • Saturday 10th September

      Rory Ellis
    • Friday 16th September

      Bohemian Nights
    • Saturday 17th September

      Marie Wilson “CANCELLED”
    • Friday 23rd September

      The Willie Wagtails
    • Saturday 24th September

      Tom Lee-Richards
    • Thursday 29th September

      Joe Mungoven
    • Saturday 8th October

      Irish Mythen
    • Friday 14th October

      Kiara Jack Trio + Yhan Leal
    • Thursday 20th October

      Haywood Billy Goats
    • Friday 21st October

      Melody Pool
    • Saturday 29th October

      Peter L Barry & Pablo Blizter
    • Friday 4th November

      Aleyce Simmonds & Tori Forsyth
    • Saturday 5th November

      Henry Wagons with special guest Lachlan Bryan
    • Friday 11th November

      Fish On Fire
    • Saturday 12th November

      YESHE — Woven EP launch tour
    • Friday 18th November

      Nick Murray
    • Saturday 19th November

      Josh Rawiri
    • Friday 25th November

    • Saturday 26th November

      Croft and Dolben
    • Saturday 3rd December

      Mimosa Duo
    • Sunday 4th December

      All Age Open Stage – Free Event
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