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5 Church Street, Bellingen NSW Australia.

We are open for breakfast, lunch & dinner 8am - 8pm, 7 Days | For bookings please phone 6655 0155

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    Our Story

    The philosophy @ No.5 is simple – an open space where people from all walks of life can come together to share an experience – to enjoy being nourished – to leave feeling inspired.

    Everything that we do is directed toward communicating ideas about how we can create a more sustainable, open minded, ethical and responsible community.

    Our food is a vehicle to express how we feel – wholesome & artistic, colourful & creative – simple flavours with attention to the details.

    We use the best local, organic & bio-dynamic produce available & design our menu based upon the abundance of the season – the way it should be!!

    By supporting local growers we are not only promoting growth of the local economy, we are reducing transportation costs & unnecessary use of non-renewable energy, not to mention providing healthy & affordable food for our community – whilst tantalising your taste buds too!!

    Our goal is not only to support local, ecologically balanced farming practices, but to actively venture towards establishing a holistic model for a fully sustainable small business operation that supports all those involved – our guests, our suppliers, our workers & ultimately ourselves!

    Live music, movie nights, social events & community gatherings – there’s always something going on down @ No.5!

    We welcome you to come down & enjoy the space, we look forward to serving you soon!

  1. Live@No.5

    Beneath the mountains by the sea, the magical Bellinger valley rolls just off the beaten track between Sydney & Brisbane, approximately 4hrs north of Newcastle and 3hrs south of Byron making it the perfect stop off for artists travelling along the old east coast tour trail.

    No.5 has established a strong reputation for hosting intimate live performances, with the likes of Mama Kin, Joe Robinson, Jack Carty, Jordie Lane, Deborah Connway, Perch Creek Family Jug band, The Mid North & Katie Noonan all playing memorable sell out shows.

    • Ed-K-495-2015

      Saturday 30th April


      Four decades after the release of his first record, the iconic Australian classic ”[I’m] Stranded” by The Saints, Ed Kuepper returns with an album that may well be considered a high point in his lengthy and uncompromising career.

      Recorded over three days in August at Gasworks Studio, Brisbane ”Lost Cities” is Ed Kuepper’s 50th release [excluding compilations] and is the 21st on his own Prince Melon Records label. It is Ed’s first entirely solo and electric release, a format Herr Kuepper likes to refer to as ‘Solo Orchestral’.

      “When I was a kid I always processed recordings as a kind of singular whole, so when I started to play the guitar I wanted my playing to be the entire orchestra/band rather than just the guy strumming in the corner. A good example would be the way I played Nights in Venice on the first Saints lp… or the acoustic with hyper harmonic overtones on Today Wonder. Lost Cities continues that approach but also moves into the tonal opposite of what I did when I started”

      To celebrate the album release Ed Kuepper will take to the road starting in March 2016 and taking in as many city and regional areas over as many months as possible as he presents these brand new works alongside old, treasured favourites. Both the new album and tickets to all currently listed shows will go on-sale Monday December 21st


      TIX $30

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      Friday 6th May

      Croft and Dolben

      Croft & Dolben is a funk/classical/jazz duo on the leading-edge of musical performance, creating a unique genre-bending artistic collaboration. The drums are cool, the keyboards stunning. Melodies and rhythms flow in abundance from Julie Croft’s fingers. She weaves music like a madcap Sorceress of Sound who’s hell-bent on capturing you. Joel Dolben brings to this “ménage à deux” swinging beats, syncopated rhythms and sweet, sweet grooves that are guaranteed to hook you in on the first beat.
      Julie Croft’s colourful past spanning classical piano recitals, keyboards in blues and contemporary ensembles, and conducting massed choral concerts at the Sydney Opera House, has met with Joel Dolben’s rock and jazz drumming history in Wales, France, the Netherlands and England, including the Glastonbury Festival, to form the duo in 2015 which has enthralled its listeners and hastened widespread demand.
      The Croft & Dolben experience presents captivating originals which embrace new ideas, textures, rhythms and colours within a genre-defying collage. It has the classical music buffs twitching and music innovators glimpsing past eras’ lost art of classical improvisation. Just when the groove is solid, the music may move seamlessly into other worlds, sometimes classical improvisations over funky rhythms, at others, exquisite sound scapes, while at others, seismic shifts from one idea to the next. With influences traversing more than two centuries it weaves its way through funky layed-back grooves and bluesy blends to explosions of virtuosic brilliance.
      This is an indescribably unconventional musical melange. Check it out!… You’d be Baching Mad not to…


      TIX $10

    • Unknown

      Saturday 7th May

      Claire Anne Taylor

      Claire Anne Taylor grew up in Tasmania’s ancient Tarkine rainforest, where she was born into her father’s hands in the family barn amongst her five siblings. Taylor’s music reflects the wild, rich and creative world she was immersed in as a child. With vivid storytelling, hypnotic melodies and raw, soul-tinged vocals, Taylor captures both the beautiful and dark elements of the human experience. Her stage presence is powerfully captivating and she leaves the audience in no doubt that they have just witnessed something extraordinary.


      TIX $15

    • 12182650_898650503561597_8612117557565221368_o

      Friday 13th May


      Formed in 2013 in the sleepy seaside town Woolgoolga, North Coast NSW, Then Jolene are set to release their debut album on Friday May 13 at Number Five Church Street Bello.
      Initially formed to fill in Saturday afternoons with beer and song while their many children ran around the farm, gigs soon followed.

      The dynamic of the group has been well documented, 3 members born on the same day, two married couples, 8 members in all, 4 male, 4 female, the balance is set. The sound of the band shifted form early reference points, ol time bluegrass and has transformed into a bastard hybrid of roots, swamp with 6 part harmonies. The band utilize double bass, banjo, fiddle and acoustic guitars however incorporate dirty electric guitar and a washboard wearin, kick drum stompin lagerphone loving man by the name of Karl. Strictly Bluegrass it aint.

      Live, Then Jolene offer a healthy sense of humor with no cow to sacred and no subject taboo. Self-depreciating anecdotes around member’s insecurities are common.

      Then Jolene have begun to sell out small venues and have, to their disbelief, established a large following due to their live shows.

      With the release of their new album festivals are on the agenda in 2016 along with tours to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and a possible trip to New Zealand later in the year, just don’t tell our kids.


      TIX $10

    • 12970721_10208440009745422_955306039_o

      Saturday 14th May

      Yhan Leal , Marcus Blacke & Kiara Jack

      Yhan Leal and Marcus Blacke will be be showcasing new music from their respective forthcoming albums. Yhan has being busy releasing film clips of the new songs. Get over to to #yhanlealmusic and check it out.

      Kiara Jack is an indie roots artist hailing from the Gold Coast and has steadily been becoming a fixture on the live circuit. Kiara’s live performances conjure emotive sounds of unity and presence, infusing driving rhythms and dark piano riffs.

      Following on from 2013’s Shards Of Glass EP, ‘Only In Time’ unfurls a raw and organic verge of sincerity that lures you in with surreal and captivating euphony. At the centre of the recordings is the eclectic-edged sound of Kiara’s voice, delivering deep and meaningful songs with a soulful essence.

      While current single with video ‘Makeshift Forest’ will definitely appear in the live set, be sure to head to the merch table this tour where you can find limited edition succulent plants! Each pot is a one of a kind, with hand written lyrics installed around the claypots. A very special touch indeed.


      Tix $10

    • Friday 20th May

      Tara Carragher Tix $10

      South Australian songwriter Tara Carragher is a lover of poetic storytelling, soul-searching, and universal themes. Her songs evoke a feeling of longing, self exploration and a fearless intensity which is unmistakably her own.

      In the tradition of Lucinda Williams, Neil Young and Billy Bragg, Miss Carragher’s music is not always ‘pretty’ but it is beautifully honest. Her debut EP ‘Live And Die By Love’ featured collaborations with American artists such as the award winning New Mexican musician CW Ayon, and highly respected guitarist CR Humphrey from the Mississippi blues duo Old Gray Mule. Further collaborations have seen Tara singing on ‘All The Wandering’, the latest album by South Australian mainstays The Yearlings.

      Her adventurous spirit coupled with an undying passion for Americana music led her to the USA in 2012 where she attended the New Orleans Traditional Jazz Workshop, performed at Austin Tx’s most famous venue: Antone’s, and recorded her debut full length album ‘Big River Crossing’ in the desert of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Tara arrived home from America to support Mia Dyson and is steadily establishing herself as a regular on the festival circuit.

      Links –

      Website: www.taracarragher.com
      Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/taracarragher
      YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TLCarragher

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    • 1442615945_Rory_Ellis2

      Saturday 21st May

      Rory Ellis

      “When the big fella opens up his chest and lets fly with that lusty rumbling voice, even then it’s as if he’s pulling back on the reins in fear of what might happen to innocent bystanders – it’s that potent”.
      Jeff Glorfeld: The Melbourne Age.

      Rory Ellis puts the “Alt” back into Alt Country

      A highly charismatic songwriter with seven nationally and internationally acclaimed albums, and a voice that will command the hair on your arms to stand up. Rory performs songs honed in hard miles, often upbeat, heartfelt, humorous, and always with a great story behind them. Having worked in various Melbourne acts since 1989, Rory started his solo acoustic journey in 1998, working the bars and festivals around Australia. Some include, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Apollo Bay Music Festival, The National Folk Festival,
      Blue Mountains Blues and Roots Festival and Queenscliff Music Festival.

      Rory was different to most songwriters. He had an amazing true story to tell about his time, living in a boxing gym, working at the Sacred Heart Mission in St Kilda, working as a bouncer in Melbourne’s hardest rooms, and seeing first hand, the seedier side of life. It gave a real life spin on the songs he was performing. The incredible public response prompted the recording and eventual release of his first solo album Ride in 2001, which was also picked up on by one of Australia’s major nationwide newspapers The Australian (Iain Sheddon) and he dedicated a full page spread to Rory.

      In March 2001his debut “Ride” received a four star review in The Age EG section by Lyall Johnson who challenged the readers,
      “If you’re not deeply moved by this superb debut by Melbourne singer-songwriter Rory Ellis, it’s doubtful you’re human. Ellis, with his wonderfully deep, resonant voice, plumbs the depths of the human experience to come up with a sophisticated, inspiring album of predominantly earthy ballads about life on the streets”

      2003 saw the release of Road Of The Braver Man, a fifteen track album recorded live in the studio over two days.
      Jackey Coyle of Rhythms acclaimed ’Road Of The Braver Man’ (released in 2003) “that the quality of Rory Ellis’s voice alone the richness of the timbre, the skill of his technique – that he conveys an irresistible charisma, and that’s not even counting his song writing skills. The first few verses I heard, I was done for – instant fan”. Ellis’s particular style, that he calls “urban folk”, was melded living in a boxing gym, honed playing in Melbourne pubs and polished gigging the festival circuit. He recorded this, his second solo album, over three days live in the studio with Dave Steel (guitars, accordion, percussion, mandolin and it’s celtic cousin the cittern). Jackeys enthusiasm continues “He is a master of light and shade, of knowing when not to sing in order to give full effect”
      It was also album of the week in Melbourne’s Beat Magazine. and received numerous glowing reviews in other music publications and in turn was signed to Belmore Records.

      Armed with two highly media acclaimed albums, a succession of Australian gigs and festivals including Port Fairy Folk Festival, National Folk Festival and countless others under his belt from 1998 to 2003, Rory toured the UK in 2004 for the first time.
      He spent three months there performing over sixty hugely successful shows at venues and festivals alike.
      So successful his time there, he decided to return in November of that year to do another 16 shows.

      On the back of those tours in 2004, 2005 saw the UK release of Rory’s third album, “The Rushes”, followed up by yet another 7 months of touring all over the UK to promote it. This third tour of the UK saw Rory performing around 120 shows in 7 months. He performed at Larmer Tree Festival, Fylde Folk Festival, Southsea Festival, Middlewich Festival, Broadstairs Festival, Great British R&B Festival, Christchurch Festival and many more. Also, he performed at, London’s famous Borderline, The Spitz and The Garage to name a few.

      2006 saw the Australian release of “The Rushes” album and it received as much attention as the man who, to quote Jeff Glorfeld of
      The Age “is one of those quintessential Australian singer-songwriters with buckets of talent, heaps of stories to tell, and impossible to pigeonhole. He’s got blues man in him, some soul belter, red-dirt country and home-grown folkie”.
      This was followed up by another two month UK tour that saw Rory performing at Folk on The Pier Festival, North Devon Festival,
      Glastonwick Festival venues and arts centres around the UK including Forest Arts Centre and The Acorn Arts Centre in Penzance.
      Upon his return in late June Rory proceeded to perform at venues all over Victoria including Guildford Blues and Roots Festival
      and the Queenscliff Festival.

      In 2007, Rory spent a year at home to take a break from the constant overseas touring of the past few years spending time writing, demoing new tracks and touring around his home state doing shows. He also performed at Thredbo Blues Festival, Skandia Festival,
      Guildford Blues and Roots Festival, Lake Bolac Eel Festival, Maldon Folk Festival, High Tide Festival and Queenscliff Music Festival.
      In late 2007 and into the New Year, Rory started recording Two Feathers, his fourth studio album which was completed in March 2008.
      Another self-produced album under the guidance of Dave Steel, (ex Weddings Parties Anything, Archie Roach, Kasey Chambers)
      now long time sideman and co-producer of the last 4 albums.

      It was in April of 2008 Rory signed “Two Feathers” to UK label Villainous Records, taking Rory on his fifth UK tour to support its release. He again performed at festivals and venues all over the UK, some include: Shetland Folk Festival, City Blues Weekend,
      Middlewich Folk Festival, Glastonwick Festival, North Devon Festival, Larmer Tree Festival, Two Rivers Festival, Southsea Festival,
      Morwellham Quay Festival and Stokes Bay Festival. In late 2008 Rory also performed in Australia at the Tarerer Festival as well as
      many other venue dates around Victoria.

      In the early part of 2009, Rory performed at festivals in Australia including Thredbo Blues Festival, Skandia Festival, St Kilda Festival,
      Yarraville Arts Festival, Pako Festa, Moonee Valley Festival, Burke and Wills Folk Festival, Mossvale Festival, Festival of the Sea,
      and the Williamstown Festival. It was also at that stage Rory became a chosen endorsee of Guild guitars (Fender Australia).
      He then set off on tour number six of the UK, which again took in loads of venue dates, some eighty plus, as well as performing at
      Blues On The Farm Festival, Worthenbury Blues Festival, Americana International Festival, Chagstock, Farmer Phils Festival
      as well as arts centres including, The Ropetackle in Shoreham, The Barbican Theatre in Plymouth, Phoenix Arts Centre in Exeter
      and the Wave Centre in Maryport.
      On his return in October of 2009 Two Feathers was signed to Australian label Reign Records. Rory also performed at Tarerer Festival
      and Queenscliff Music Festival in this year.

      In 2010, Rory made his first appearance at one of the worlds’ largest Country Music Festival, Tamworth, to rave reviews from audiences and venues alike. As an endorsee of Guild guitars he performed at the Fender Roadcases show at the West Leagues Club alongside, Troy Casser Daly, Joe Robinson, The McClymonts, Gina Jeffreys, among others.
      He also performed at Skandia Festival, Nannup Festival, Apollo Bay Music Festival, Burke and Wills Folk Festival and Festival of the Sea in Barwon Heads, as well as toured NSW and WA performing in venues there.

      In April of 2010, Rory completed his fifth studio album titled “Perfectly Damaged” and performed again at many venues art centres and festivals all over the UK including. Ashcroft Arts Centre in Fareham, Linton Blues Festival, Maryport Blues Festival, Holmfirth Folk Festival, Glastonwick Festival, Bronte Blues Club, Worthenbury Blues Club, The Half Moon in Putney, London .


      TIX $15

    • image005

      Friday 27th May

      Mat McHugh “SOLO”

      The latter part of 2015 was a tumultuous time for Mat. Having written, recorded and released a new FREE album – WAVES (www.matmchugh.bandcamp.com/album/waves) – Mat had to cancel his Australian tour last September after only a few shows due to extensive neck and back injuries.

      Rather than go through potentially voice-damaging or mobility threatening surgery, Mat sought out specialists who have been stretching, manipulating and poking him with acupuncture needles five days a week for the past 5 months to get him back to the point where he could again pick up and play his guitar.

      Says Mat: “I’m still on the road to recovery but I’m feeling a lot better than I was 5 months ago. I’ve been working hard every single day and changed my lifestyle a lot so the whole experience has turned into a positive”.

      Mat has just completed the sold-out Summer Sound System tour with The Beautiful Girls around Australia. Performing, for the first time, solely as the band’s singer due to the health risks posed by playing an instrument.

      Buoyed by the enjoyment and success of those shows, Mat has today announced a run of special intimate performances across Australia throughout May/June 2016 as part of the MAT McHUGH SOLO 2016 Tour.

      For this run of performances, Mat will be in stripped back mode, giving fans an ‘up-close and personal’ show featuring songs from his albums WAVES, LOVE COME SAVE ME and SEPERATISTA! as well as one or two musical surprises from his back catalog.

      Mat adds: “I’m super excited to have the chance to go out on the road and play all these songs. Particularly the songs from WAVES. I feel like it’s my favourite album that I’ve made and I really can’t wait for people to hear what it sounds like live. I plan to keep things pretty simple and raw. I’ll just be playing and singing some songs and making some noise. I predict that it will be full power”.


      TIX $25

    • Sunday 29th May

      Mark Wilkinson $30 tix or $35 thru door

      “He truly has a gift for poetic lyrics…There’s a glow of warm around him and richness to his supreme voice, sending shivers down spines as he pulls you into the soul of him.”

      – Hazel Buckley, TheMusic.com.au


      Mark Wilkinson is undoubtedly one of the most captivating acoustic artists to emerge from Australia in recent times. He’s sold out shows right around his home country, as well as in neighbouring New Zealand, the U.S., and across Europe and the U.K. He’s toured arenas with some of the highest selling artists of all time including Brian Wilson, Chicago, America, and Peter Frampton. He’s performed live on television in Germany and The Netherlands, and has been voted the ‘Singer/Songwriter Discovery of the Year’ in North America by SiriusXM Radio, with almost 30 million listeners. He’s an impassioned, independent singer/songwriter with a global view and an international following, built on the word-of-mouth of dedicated fans.

      This year Wilkinson presents the Come With Me Tonight EP, a 5-track taster of his next studio album. Released worldwide on February 12, this new material showcases Wilkinson’s first time in the role of record producer as he set about to create something with a timeless, even nostalgic feel. “We took a very organic approach, making it a collaborative process that relied solely on real musicians and real instrumentation, giving the songs extra dimension through lush arrangements, trying to capture a moment with warmth and emotion, and pay tribute to the beauty of music being in the imperfections.” The EP also features 2 tracks in which Wilkinson collaborated with one of Australia’s leading contemporary producers and analogue specialists, four time ARIA Award winner Wayne Connolly (Josh Pyke, Boy & Bear), with the finishing touches being added in Arizona by mastering engineer Roger Seibel (Ryan Adams, Bon Iver). The end result is something as powerful as it is emotive.

      To celebrate the release Wilkinson will spend most of the year embarking on a world tour, performing right across Australia and New Zealand through May and June before heading further abroad. As an artist who continues to build an impressive global following off the strength of his live show, don’t miss what could be your only opportunity to catch him on stage in 2016 and experience this rare talent in person.

      • Mark Wilkinson Ticketing Photo

    Beneath the mountains by the sea, the magical Bellinger valley rolls just off the beaten track between Sydney & Brisbane, approximately 4hrs north of Newcastle and 3hrs south of Byron making it the perfect stop off for artists travelling along the old east coast tour trail.

    No.5 has established a strong reputation for hosting intimate live performances, with the likes of Mama Kin, Joe Robinson, Jack Carty, Jordie Lane, Deborah Connway, Perch Creek Family Jug band, The Mid North & Katie Noonan all playing memorable sell out shows.

    • Friday 6th December

      Dustin Tebbut
    • Saturday 7th December

      Nice Verdes
    • Saturday 14th December

      Joni Mitchell Show
    • Sunday 15th December

    • Saturday 21st December

      Shaun Kirk
    • Friday 3rd January

      Hunt Brothers
    • Saturday 4th January

      Zoe Elliot
    • Friday 10th January

      Rizal Abdulhadi
    • Saturday 11th January

      Aubrey Auld
    • Thursday 16th January

      Jamie Hutchings
    • Friday 17th January

      Matt Henry, Brad Butcher & Jen Mize
    • Saturday 18th January

    • Friday 24th January

      Matt Wicking & D.A Calf
    • Saturday 25th January

      Kim Churchill
    • Sunday 26th January

      Hatz Fitz & Cara
    • Saturday 15th February

      Miss Renee Simone
    • Thursday 20th February

    • Friday 21st February

    • Friday 28th February

    • Thursday 6th March

      The London Klezmer Quartet
    • Saturday 8th March

    • Friday 14th March

    • Wednesday 19th March

    • Thursday 27th March

    • Friday 28th March

    • Saturday 29th March

    • Friday 4th April

      THE BEEZ
    • Saturday 5th April

    • Friday 18th April

    • Sunday 20th April

      The Bakers Digest
    • Saturday 3rd May

    • Saturday 10th May

    • Friday 16th May

      Twin Haus
    • Friday 23rd May

      Slow Turismo
    • Saturday 24th May

    • Friday 30th May

    • Saturday 31st May

      Kevin Bennett and Glen Hannah
    • Friday 6th June

      Ed Kuepper
    • Saturday 7th June

    • Saturday 14th June

      T.J.Quinton & Ahliya Kite
    • Friday 20th June

      Lucie Thorne
    • Saturday 21st June

      Beaten Bodies
    • Thursday 26th June

      Mustered Courage
    • Friday 27th June

      The Dead Setters
    • Thursday 10th July

      Justin Bernasconi
    • Friday 11th July

      The Yearlings
    • Sunday 13th July

      Little Bastard
    • Sunday 20th July

      Essie Thomas
    • Thursday 24th July

    • Friday 1st August

      JAY HOAD
    • Saturday 2nd August

      Tim ‘Tonic’ Hulsman
    • Saturday 9th August

      Melody Pool & Marlon Williams
    • Friday 15th August

    • Wednesday 20th August

      Vincent Cross
    • Thursday 21st August

      Mr Black and Blues
    • Friday 29th August

      Miriam Lieberman
    • Sunday 31st August

      Julia Henning
    • Saturday 13th September

      Katie Noonan
    • Thursday 18th September

      Maia Jelavic
    • Friday 3rd October

      Cat Canteri
    • Saturday 4th October

    • Sunday 5th October

      Luke Jon Shearer
    • Friday 10th October

      Brad Martin and Shaun Meehan
    • Saturday 11th October

      Lisa Richards and The Baker Suite
    • Wednesday 15th October

      The Grahams + Marcus Blake + Phil Smith
    • Friday 17th October

      All Our Exes Live in Texas
    • Thursday 23rd October

      Siskin River – ALBUM TOUR!
    • Friday 24th October

      James Bennett
    • Friday 31st October

      Yoyo Tuki
    • Saturday 1st November

      Starboard Cannons
    • Thursday 6th November

      We Two Theives
    • Friday 7th November

      We Two Theives – ENCORE!!
    • Saturday 8th November

    • Wednesday 12th November

      Hat Fitz & Cara “Do Tell” Tour
    • Friday 14th November

      Benjalu Winter Acustic tour with The Flumes
    • Friday 21st November

      Jack Carty
    • Wednesday 26th November

      Liz Stringer
    • Saturday 29th November

      Toni Swain
    • Monday 1st December

      MOVIE NIGHT @ NO 5 – Jim Henson’s LABYRINTH!!!
    • Friday 5th December

      Steve Tyson
    • Saturday 6th December

      Betty and Oswald
    • Monday 8th December

      FILM CLUB!! Screening – FRANK
    • Wednesday 10th December

    • Thursday 11th December

      David Flower and Caroline Trengove
    • Sunday 14th December

      Tora – Eat The Sun Tour
    • Monday 15th December

      No 5 Film Club presents – TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE!!
    • Thursday 18th December

      Steve Smyth
    • Friday 19th December

    • Saturday 20th December

      Darren Jack
    • Monday 22nd December

      FLIM CLUB PRESENTS – Bad Santa!!
    • Thursday 25th December

      – Christmas Day we are Closed –
    • Saturday 27th December

      Original Sin
    • Monday 29th December

    • Thursday 1st January

      – New Year’s Day we are closed –
    • Friday 2nd January

    • Friday 2nd January

      Jason Lowe
    • Saturday 3rd January

      Morgan Billygoat Tucker
    • Sunday 4th January

      The Brass Knuckle Brass Band
    • Friday 9th January

      Jenn Grant & The Starboard Cannons
    • Monday 12th January

    • Friday 16th January

      Steve Smyth
    • Monday 19th January

      Film Club Presents – WAKE IN FRIGHT!!
    • Friday 23rd January

      Dan Waters
    • Saturday 24th January

      Telegraph Tower
    • Sunday 25th January

      Daniel Champagne
    • Monday 26th January

    • Thursday 29th January

      Kava Kings
    • Friday 30th January

      Honey & Knives
    • Thursday 5th February

      I Sognaturi
    • Friday 6th February

      Grace Turner
    • Saturday 7th February

      Green Mohair Suits
    • Monday 9th February

      No 5 Film Club Presents – ERASERHEAD!!
    • Friday 13th February

      Den Hanrahan
    • Saturday 14th February

      Ed Wells w Benny Francis & Gina Balenzano
    • Friday 27th February

      Mr Cassidy w Andrew Morris
    • Saturday 28th February

    • Friday 6th March

      The London Klezmer Quartet
    • Saturday 7th March

      Kim Richey and Sarah Humphreys
    • Saturday 14th March

      Nick kingswell + alex gibson
    • Thursday 19th March

      dustin Thomas
    • Saturday 21st March

      The Beez
    • Saturday 28th March

    • Thursday 9th April

      Elwood Myre
    • Friday 10th April

    • Saturday 11th April

    • Friday 17th April

    • Saturday 18th April

    • Thursday 23rd April

      Betty & Oswald
    • Saturday 25th April

      Microwave Jenny
    • Thursday 30th April

      black bird hum
    • Friday 1st May

    • Saturday 2nd May

      Elana Stone
    • Friday 8th May

      The Flumes
    • Thursday 14th May

      The Silver Dollars
    • Friday 15th May

      willowy and direwolf
    • Thursday 21st May

      Sweet Lil Rider
    • Friday 22nd May

      Wes Carr presents “Here Comes The Sun” A Journey Through The Songs of George Harrison
    • Saturday 23rd May

    • Friday 29th May

      Fish On Fire
    • Saturday 30th May

      shake presents “BOOGIETRONIC”
    • Monday 8th June

    • Thursday 11th June

    • Friday 12th June

      Yhan Leal “Wilderness” Album Lauch
    • Saturday 13th June

      Harry Hookey & Matt Henry
    • Saturday 27th June

      Gavin Doniger is Mescalito Blues
    • Friday 3rd July

    • Saturday 4th July

    • Sunday 5th July

    • Thursday 9th July

      Jed Rowe & Alison Ferrier
    • Friday 17th July

      Brendan Gallagher
    • Saturday 18th July

      Harry Jakamarra
    • Friday 24th July

      Jimi Beavis and Paul Renton
    • Saturday 25th July

      Mick Daley, Jimmy Dowling and Den Hanrahan
    • Friday 31st July

      Starboard Cannons
    • Friday 14th August

      George Washingmachine’s Gypsy 5
    • Saturday 15th August

      shake presents : COSMIK
    • Friday 21st August

      Nova and the Experience
    • Thursday 27th August

    • Friday 28th August

      The Escalators
    • Saturday 5th September

    • Tuesday 8th September

      Megan washington
    • Wednesday 16th September

      megan washington 2nd show!!
    • Friday 18th September

    • Saturday 19th September

      Jason Lowe
    • Thursday 24th September

      The Rockabilly Women Show
    • Saturday 26th September

      Dave Garnham and Leo Rondeau (USA)
    • Friday 2nd October

      Honey & Knives
    • Saturday 3rd October

    • Wednesday 7th October

    • Thursday 8th October

      Brad Butcher
    • Saturday 10th October

      shake presents SAFARI $15
    • Friday 16th October

      Ed Kuepper
    • Saturday 17th October

      Angus Gill & Harley Coleman
    • Friday 30th October

      Jodi Martin
    • Saturday 31st October

    • Friday 6th November

      Mark Lucas
    • Saturday 7th November

      Rick Price
    • Friday 13th November

      Victoriana Gaye
    • Saturday 14th November

      Jojo Smith
    • Thursday 19th November

      Loren Kate EP Launch
    • Friday 20th November

      Áine Tyrrell Album Launch Tour
    • Friday 27th November

      Soda Eaves
    • Saturday 28th November

      Sye McRitchie
    • Friday 4th December

      The Cope Street Parade
    • Saturday 12th December

      The Morrisons ‘Single Launch’
    • Friday 18th December

      Honey & Knives
    • Saturday 19th December

      BUNYA – Return Of The Bunyi
    • Wednesday 6th January

    • Thursday 7th January

      Men From Earth
    • Saturday 9th January

      Irish Mythen
    • Saturday 16th January

      The Zap Show
    • Friday 22nd January

      Jack Tully Show + FREE Album
    • Friday 29th January

      Baltic Bar Mitzvah
    • Saturday 30th January

    • Thursday 4th February

      Elwood Myre
    • Friday 5th February

      Dried Spider
    • Thursday 11th February

      Collingwood Casanovas
    • Friday 12th February

      The Yearlings
    • Thursday 18th February

      Ziggy Alberts ( exclusive show )
    • Friday 19th February

      Lucie Thorn and Hamish Stuart
    • Saturday 20th February

      Bethanie Jolly
    • Friday 4th March

      Geoff Turnbull “Alive In The Madhouse: Tour
    • Saturday 5th March

      Raku O’Gaia
    • Sunday 6th March

    • Thursday 10th March

      Shaun Kirk 10th March $10
    • Saturday 12th March

      Mark Lucas & the Dead Setters
    • Wednesday 16th March

      Hat Fitz & Cara
    • Friday 18th March

      Samuel Dobson & Anatole
    • Saturday 19th March

    • Friday 25th March

      The Bean Project
    • Thursday 31st March

      The East Pointers & The Mae Trio
    • Saturday 2nd April

      Mick Daley and Pete Bufo Tix $15
    • Wednesday 6th April

      Vanuatu Women’s Water Film screening and presentation. Gold coin entry
    • Friday 8th April

      Miriam Lieberman Tix $25 /$20 concession
    • Saturday 9th April

      Sian Evans & Nicole Brophy
    • Thursday 14th April

      Oh Pep!
    • Saturday 16th April

      Bethanie Jolly
    • Friday 22nd April

      Joe Mungovan Tix $10
    • Saturday 23rd April

      Devon Sproule (USA)
    • Friday 29th April

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    Food & Drink


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    • bg11

    Love our Locals

    The Bellinger Valley is home to some of the finest suppliers of fresh produce in the country & our local farmers & neighboring small businesses help us to present you with the best possible quality food & beverage that we can muster!

    We use the best local, organic & bio-dynamic produce where available. By supporting local growers we are not only promoting growth of the local economy, we are reducing transportation costs & unnecessary use of non-renewable energy, not to mention providing healthy & affordable food for our community.

    Here’s some of our favorite local suppliers…

    • PennyFarthing


      Sourcing the best seasonal organic green beans direct from the growers in Hondurus, Guatemala & Papua New Guinea. One of the best local roasts around.


      Penny Farthing Coffee Roasters


    • BellingenBrewing


      Using only the finest quality malted barley & hops, Mr Jennings has been producing a small range of hand crafted ales since 2005. With no additives or preservatives, this is real beer as it should be, brewed just across the bridge!


    • Kombu


      Located right next door, this family owned super store has been serving our local community with affordable organic & healthy living goodness for over 10 years. Thanks Kev, Lowanna & all the crew for your amazing hard work in supplying us with real, nutritious food to eat!


    • YamstickEggs


      Over the hill in the Missabotti Valley, 500 happy chooks pluck & peck around Yamstick Farm & supply us with some of the best eggs you’ll ever taste – certified organic, free range & very hard to beat – just check out the yolks! 


    • JimmysGreens


      Grown using an environmentally friendly & sustainable organic aquaponic system in Bonville, Jimmy grows his greens using absolutely no chemical fertilizers or pesticides & 90% less water then conventional soil based farming. This is a fully sustainable food production method that is ideal for our changing climatic environment – go get em’ Jimmy!


    • PatIvan

      PAT & IVAN

      Out along the Waterfall Way toward Dorrigo, Pat & Ivan have been ‘open for business’ at Roses Fruit Stall for 50 odd years. Ivan drops in our green apples & local macadamias & never fails to throw in a cracker good old joke on the house.

    • GreenGrocers


      These guys are our local greengrocer, locally owned and run, they are focussed on sourcing the best local produce from the region.


    • AndreasGelato


      From the sunny seaside town of Sawtell comes our seriously great gelato… try a scoop & see for yourself !

    • Pat


      Some potatoes, some veggies but mostly a good old cuppa tea & a chat. Last year we made a beautiful little short film called PAT, check it out here on ABC Open…


      PAT – ABC Open


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    Come Together

    Live music, community gatherings & events are happening all throughout the year & we would love to share it with you all!

    Keep up to date with the latest news, join our mailing list… click the mail icon bottome right of our webpage or visit our FaceBook page:


    And we’d love to get your feedback & hear the full report… we welcome you to review us on tripadvisor.com.au!!


    For artist bookings please contact Tracey Collier-Griffiths:

    Kick Music Management

    E: tracey@kickmusic.com.au


    5 Church Street Bellingen NSW, Australia 2454
    P: 6655 0155
    E: cometogether@5churchstreet.com